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Our workshop of electrical wiring is equipped with machinery and equipments adapted to our realizations :
  • Equipments for measurement and control
  • Punch press
  • Hydraulic sertisseuse
  • 1 Plotter for spotting
  • Drills, pneumatic tools and electro-portable, etc ...

All our realisations are tested in the workshop before their shipments.

Special tools for the work of the copper bar allowing us to cut, bend and drill up to 120 x 10 mm.

Tool of engraving of labels, numerical control machine on PC allowing us to realize any dimensions of labels for the identification of our electrical switchboards. Stuck and riveted labels.

The test bench : Control of our equipment in accordance with standards in force. Powering our cabinets with tests of isolation, simulation of electrical defects. Control of power and warning.